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Collecting Diecast Matchbox Cars

by Dave Cherry

Matchbox cars are probably in every mans past. Almost every little boy at one time or another has owned at least one matchbox car, but probably more than just one. These diecast cars are the fabric of molding our imagination as a child. I can remember setting up tracks and little towns as a child and running my matchbox cars for hours at a time. I also remember my mother getting angry as she would step on them in the middle of the night or just coming into my room at any given time. Matchbox cars are as popular today as they were some 50 years ago. Every Wal-Mart or dollar store has some sort of display with these diecast models hanging on the rack. Many grown men are now into collecting a piece of there childhood through Matchbox car collecting. If you have not yet started, I will outline a few things to get you started in this fantastic diecast hobby.

First I advise to do some research on the history of Matchbox cars. This will get you in touch with the root of origin. Secondly I suggest you find a make or series of Matchbox cars that interest you the most. There are several types of these cars to collect. The modern series is considered anything produced after 1970. This encompasses several other types of series. The Across America Series features cars from each of the 50 states in the US. Every car came with a license plate depicting the two letter state abbreviation and the a three digit number showing the order in which the state joined the Union. The Coca-Cola Series featured Matchbox cars emblazoned with the Coca Cola logo on them. The Convoy Series was centered around tractor trailer trucks and matching trailers. The Superfast cars came with high quality frictionless axles and wheels and were made to emulate the Hot Wheels cars for competition reasons. Another type of Matchbox car series is the King Size models or Super Kings as they are sometimes called. These were larger size diecast models that were made to compete with Corgi and Dinky models. The Yesteryear Series is a group of cars that are modeled around classic cars from all over the world. Vintage and rare Matchbox cars are the prizes of most collectors collections. These feature the early Lesney diecast and many are still being found by collectors today.

It is never too late to begin collecting as we are now in a new calender year and the 2008 models are hitting the shelves. Check locally for a diecast club in your area, you might be surprised to find one right around the corner from you. Several retail stores such as K-Mart, Wal-Mart and many dollar stores have quite a selection of models even from a few yours ago. Also with the dawn of the internet, eBay has become a collectors dream for finding almost any type of Matchbox car you have you eye on.

Lastly, this hobby is all about fun, so do not lose sight in the fact of the great nostalgia you will enjoy from collecting your childhood toys from days gone past.

Dave Cherry is an avid Matchbox car collector.

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