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by: Chris Daniels

T-Shirts are not often known for their class. In fact there's a whole category of t-shirts dedicated to the obnoxious and tasteless. And some t-shirts can indeed be a work of art, reflecting the work of a talented artist.

But there is another category of t-shirts that literally can “show your class.” These are the Class Shirts produced by taking all the names of a given group, say the names of the graduating seniors in a high school, and configuring them into a shape or design to be imprinted on the shirt. For example, the names could be imprinted inside the numerals of the year of graduation, or inside the outlines of the school mascot.

Another alternative is to simply list the names in a block or in columns. Either way, the result is a keepsake t-shirt that becomes more memorable as the years go by.

These kind of shirts can be used in a variety of ways: as a fund raiser, to celebrate a team's winning season, for family reunions, a method of honoring a church mission or committee, to remember fraternity or sorority associates or to honor volunteers in a particular civic event.

The class shirts will be treasured long after the time or event they commemorate is over.

You don't have to be a computer design expert or graphic artist to produce a class shirt. There is a service on the web that will produce a custom design in a couple of days and even imprint the shirts for you at some of the most competitive t-shirt prices on the net.

If your group, family, church, team or business is looking for a unique way to remember a special time, a class shirt project may be just the ticket to do some time traveling back to today in the future.


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