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Rally Caps - Backwards Upside Down or Hip Pocket

by Wiley Channell

Major Wiley B. Channell USMC (retired) Full name Wiley Brownee Channell grew up Argo, Alabama and Trussville, Alabama. Attended grammar school Argo 1st thru 5th ...
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Baseball players in the dugout will pull no punches when trying to exhort their teammates to "come on" somebody get a rally started. Rally Cap is just the ticket, turn that cap backwards on your head and the magic begins.

The entire team of bench warmers turning those caps backwards has become as common as football players holding up four fingers. If a football team can hold up four fingers at starting of the fourth quarter of play means "The fourth quarter belongs to us winners",then surely the baseball caps on backwards can ensure a sudden rally to win the baseball game.

Lookout for there just might be one in the crowd who has his cap stuck on his noggin upside down. This upside down cap thing is a "Look at me thing" it is not the true rally call.

Some ball players will roll their cap and stick it in their hip pocket for some reason and I know not why? My baseball cap was always my badge of pride and never would I roll it up and stick it in my hip pocket. As a matter of fact my bill needed to always be curved just right and the front of the cap needed just a little dip on top behind the pretty scarlet "H".

H for "Hewitt."

I'm sure out there in baseball land someone might have the rest of the story about the origin and how this Rally Cap phenomenon came about. Our game of baseball will never be complete till we have all the stories.

Let the good times roll. Humpty Dumpty sitting on his wall may or may not fall. If he falls pick him up and put him in the hall.

Batter Up!---Let's Play Ball...

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