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How Personalized Golf Novelties Can Make Every Event A Success

by John Bolt Platinum Quality Author

Youíve seen them everywhere you go; on TV, in the stores, on the course, even your last company golf tournament. Personalized golf novelties can very effective in almost every situation. Whether itís advertising, promotion, celebration, or identification, these items are great.

Personalized golf tees are a great promotional tool that can be used almost like a form of business card. They can be imprinted with your name or business website on them in just about any color and size. The great thing about them is how economical they are. This type of advertising can be bought in large bulk quantities that are very cheap.

Personalized or logoed golf balls are often used as wedding favors with the bride and grooms name and special day imprinted on the ball as a memory for the guests. These logoed golf balls are also used for identification of your own ball on the course. Since every player is required to have a unique distinct marking on their own ball this is the perfect way to do it. Even the great Tiger Woods has his name marked on his golf balls. This can help prevent anyone else hitting your ball (and gaining a penalty) if your name is tattooed on it visibly.

You can also use these other golf novelties such as hats, visors, or t-shirts, as prizes at company parties, golf tournaments, picnics, or as simple little bonuses. They work as great advertising for the company. Everyone loves to get a free hat or t-shirt to wear so you canít go wrong.

As you see on television or simply on the pro tours many players are endorsed and paid big money to wear some of these personalized novelties. The thing is you donít have to be a celebrity or a pro golfer to use these little promotions or pieces of memorabilia to your advantage. They can be used by anyone in the most creative ways possible.

Whether youíre a big golf fan yourself or you know that your audience or guests enjoy the game, donít be afraid to use one of these great little golf novelties. They can turn out to be a very effective tool or simply something to put a smile on your face.

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