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T-Shirts to Promote Business

by: Angela Oliver

Whether a start up company, or a well known institution, all businesses need promotional items, namely t-shirts to promote business awareness and to be used as an advertising technique. There are many varieties of t-shirts and methods to include company logo or slogan, or other promotional information.

Embroidery and Heat Transfer. The best methods to include logo or slogan on a t-shirt are embroidery and heat transfers. Embroidery is a quality technique that yields a classy looking product. There are several specifications a logo must meet in order to be successful mounted to an embroidered t-shirt. Heat Transfers are used for large logos and company slogans. For example, groups may order several shirts for a fundraising activity with company logo as well as the name of the fundraiser.

T-Shirt Fabrics. There are a number of fabrics that can be used for promotional T-shirts. Cotton and cotton/polyester blends are the most popular choices. They are very easy to work with for embroidery and heat transfer, and they are the most economical choice. Other options in t-shirt fabric include knit fabrics, woven fabrics, denims, performance fabrics like mesh, and fleece for sweatshirts or blankets.

Reasons for Promotional T-shirts. T-Shirts are the perfect way to promote business and spread a message. T-shirts allow advertising to be done in the most unlikely of places simply by being worn. T-shirts are not the end of the line however for promotional items. There are also sweatshirts, jackets, caps, and blankets, in fact embroidery or heat transfer can be added to about any type of apparel.

Any type of organization can use t-shirts and other embroidered apparel to promote their business. Retail companies, restaurants, schools, and other organization can use promotional items when needed. In fact, for non-profit or fundraising events, some vendors offer a discount. So spread the word and put t-shirts of your employees or groups members today.

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Angela Oliver is an author for Embroidery Authority.com, offering competitive pricing for all custom embroidered logos, apparel, and accessories. Get your company or group logo on hats, shirts, caps, and more. Visit www.embroideryauthority.com for some great tips on creating promotional t-shirts.

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